Alan Stephens. Rest In Peace My Friend

 I was reflecting on the past couple of weeks this morning and out of nowhere I started singing Hurricane. This is what life has felt like as of recently, one big fucking hurricane. This is not a bitch fest, or a poor me, poor me, pour me another one. It is simply an acknowledgement of my imperfectness and of the ups and downs of the daily grind. 

The infamous case of the "Fuck Its" has been hanging out in the corner of my brain lately. The good news is that I have matured enough to know not to act on it. Life sometimes has a way of handing you things when you least expect it. One of my favorite quotes by Mike Tyson: "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth."

What do I do?  Take a quick inventory, look at all the things god has blessed me with and be grateful for every last one of them, and push ahead. I recently found out a good friend of mine Alan Stephens, passed away from a massive heart failure at the young age of 46. This news hurt, and it also put many things into perspective. One of them being that you never know when your card will be pulled. It made me think of the many times I have taken all the beautiful things in my life for granted, as if they are all guaranteed and will always be with me. Alan had a beautiful wife, 2 beautiful kids, and in an instant will never be able to hold them again. In honor of Alan, I will wake each day and be grateful from the moment I set my 2 feet on the carpet. Alan will be deeply missed, and I will take the many things that I learned from him and in them his spirit will live on.

We too often don't live in the present, because we are too worried about what the future holds for us. We are busy planning tomorrow, next week, and next year. I am guilty of this almost on a daily basis. But what if tomorrow never comes? Would you be satisfied with the life you have lived? My first response was yes. Then I got to thinking. The soul of a man is so big, so deep, so complex, the only thing that can truly bring 100% true satisfaction, is God. Right behind God is love, family, friends, and helping others. This is what I have been searching for. The funny thing is, it's been right in front of my face forever, and it's probably right in front of yours too.

Live today like it was your last. 


Alan Stephens, March 26th 1968 - July 24th 2014. May you rest in peace my friend.

Alan Stephens, March 26th 1968 - July 24th 2014. May you rest in peace my friend.