TSGP Ep70 - Spoken Word | Saved

My name is Shane. I am an addict. I am also a writer, a poet, a musician, an artist…whatever you want to call it. I was blessed with the gift to create. I have written, performed, and recorded many songs while under the influence of alcohol and drugs. In fact, I released a full length album on iTunes in 2011 called “Chemical Diet”. I used to think I could not write or perform unless I was intoxicated on some form of substance. When I went to rehab, I wrote a little bit, but after I went home clean and sober, I abruptly stopped writing, performing, and recording. I had an association with drugs and alcohol whenever I picked up the pen or guitar, and it just didn’t seem fun anymore. I miss it, and I feel like I am in a good place to pick it back up. This piece is the first thing I have written, recorded or released in over 2 years. It is also my first time recording Spoken Word. My resume includes some great work, but “Saved” is hands down the best work I have ever done. I hope it speaks to you, like it spoke to me. Much love and respect. -Shane