SGR Ep95 - The Sober Señorita W/ Kelly Fitzgerald

The Sober Senorita with Kelly Fitzgerald

Kelly Fitzgerald always wanted to party and was considered a social butterfly before she even left high school. However, she always sought satisfaction outside herself. She felt as if everyone had directions on how to live life, but she never got the manual.

She attended college at and earned 2 undergraduate degrees while playing 4 seasons of NCAA Division II soccer, as well as establishing her drinking career. Her binge drinking and blackouts became a normal occurrence, but she was in deep denial about just how bad her alcoholism was.

After enjoying Spring Break in Cancun, she decided to move there so the party would never end. Working for a Spring Break Travel firm, she felt important – getting into all the clubs and meeting all the DJs. But Kelly began to wake up in strange places and not remember what happened to her. She tried to control her drinking, but couldn't. Finally, after yet another of many failed relationships, Kelly calls her mom and tells her she is ready for help.

Now the Sober Senorita is a popular recovery blogger and wants to share her story so that other college students know there is another way. She is running the 6K marathon for Heroes in Recovery and says sobriety has allowed her to show up for all the people in her life.







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