SGR Ep118 - Anthony Alvarado | We All Rise Together


As a person in long-term recovery, Anthony has a strong desire to change the conversation around addiction and in turn- change the world we live in today. He is the Co Founder of Rise Together, a dedicated organization whose mission is to be a face of recovery through advocating, educating, and bringing a voice to the voiceless. Anthony's hope and vision is to create a community where youth are heard, loved, and inspired to live in hope. Anthony has also founded, Rise & Grind Recovery Radio, where he looks to invite conversation from all over the nation to help illustrate that recovery is amazing.  

Rise Together's mission is rapidly spanning the United States and helping to save the lives of youth. Over the past 3 years, Anthony has personally traveled over 100,000 miles with his team, taken the stage over 400 times, and educated over 120,000 youth on addiction and mental health.

Anthony is a passionate motivational speaker and a strong influence within his community. His dedication to encourage thousands of youth to talk about the issues that are most important to them have resonated and spread throughout the State of Wisconsin.  He is a cultural leader, community advocate, movement creator, spotlight speaker, and a proficient and creative prevention specialist.

Anthony's work has been recognized by the White House Office of the National Drug Control Policy and also recognized by the National Safety Council.   He speaks on many different topics but most efficiently addresses the need for creativity and connecting with youth today in a relevant manner and also with raw honesty. He shares successful strategies with prevention agencies and school administrators. He has spoken at national conferences as well as state mental health and school conferences.  Anthony often presents on new techniques in communication and effective programs to reach youth today.

We All Rise Together


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