GR Ep180 - 5 Warning Signs That You Might Have An Alcohol Problem


Shane reads a couple of emails, and then in honor of alcohol awareness month discusses 5 warning signs that you might have a problem with alcohol. 


5 Warning Signs That You Have An Alcohol Problem




1. You’re self-medicating.


If you reach for a bottle when you're feeling anxious or blue, or as a way to cope with physical pain, see a doctor. You may need treatment for depression or an anxiety disorder.




2. You’ve started drinking more.


Think about the amount you've been drinking over the last 6 months or a year. Has it gradually (or not so gradually) gone up over time? Does it take 3 glasses of wine to experience the relaxation you once enjoyed after one? If so, your drinking may be harmful.






3. It’s always on your mind.


Do you obsess about alcohol, thinking about when you'll have your next drink? Are you thinking about drinking when you are doing other things, such as working or spending time with family? People who have a healthy relationship with alcohol don't tend to think about booze this way.




4. You have a hard time cutting yourself off.


When you set limits around alcohol, such as not drinking a few nights a week or stopping after two drinks, do you have trouble sticking to them? If you have repeatedly broken these kinds of promises to yourself, you likely need help to manage your drinking.




5. You turn into a different person.


Do you deviate from your morals and ethics or otherwise behave in reckless or thoughtless ways you wouldn't otherwise when you drink? Whether you wind up driving drunk or have little lapses, like gossiping or betraying a confidence, not acting like yourself while under the influence is a red flag.


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