SGR Ep183 - Lauren Silvinski: The Power of Health & Wellness in Recovery


Lauren is the Director of Programs and Partnerships for the Phoenix in Orange County, California.  In addition to a Bachelor’s in Biochemistry, Lauren is a certified personal trainer and a certified holistic health and wellness coach. This background, along with her own experience as a person in long-term recovery, allows a keen insight to the mind-body-spirit connection and the effects of an active lifestyle on sobriety.

The Phoenix is a nonprofit organization that fosters a sober active community for individuals recovering from a substance use disorder and those who choose to live sober. Using the transformational power of social connection and physical activity such as CrossFit®, climbing, yoga and running, Phoenix helps members develop the emotional strength needed to stay sober. All programs are free to anyone with at least 48 hours of continuous sobriety and led by instructors who are peers in recovery.

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This episode was recorded at the Innovations In Recovery Conference in San Diego CA, hosted by Foundations Recovery Network.