SGR Ep91 - You've Got Issues W/ Anna David

You've Got Issues with Anna David

Anna David is a recovering cocaine addict and alcoholic who has been sober for over 15 years. She is a New York Times bestselling author of six books (novels and non-fiction) and has written for The New York TimesThe LA TimesDetailsPlayboyPeopleCosmo, The Huffington Post, and many other publications.

She is also the creator of the After Party Magazine, a site made up of articles, videos, a podcast and a storytelling show focused on de-stigmatizing addiction and developing healthier lives. Anna sold the site but continues to run it and its parent site,, which has over 4,000 informative overviews of treatment centers all over the world and in every price range. She is also a sex/relationship expert and writing coach who speaks at colleges and is a regular guest on TV.

Anna says that moving to LA made her party habits seem normal. She lived in denial and struggled with the guilt and shame every morning. “I didn’t believe there was a solution, and I didn’t want to be sober,” she says. Eventually, Anna found herself so deeply depressed, she didn’t have a choice but to try sobriety. She recovered by working through the 12 Step program and tells us how that even though California is known for its wild party culture, it’s also a great place to be sober.

Now Anna is developing a writing course and has just launched her new podcast, You’ve Got Issues. Her guests discuss their pettiest issues and try to find out the deeper meaning behind them and how this may be affecting their lives.

Anna tells us that one of the best things about being sober is “knowing you can go anywhere and be yourself... you don’t need any lubricant to make you someone else,” and she reveals the rest of her answers during the Heart and Hustle Round! 

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