SGR Ep96 - The New Series "REAL" w/ The Jess

Today your beloved Sober Guy, Shane Ramer, has 2 special announcements.

  1. This is the introduction to Sober Guy Radio's new show called REAL!

  2. Future REAL shows will only be available to patrons who pledge through Sober Guy's Patreon page.

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So what's the New Series "REAL" all about?

Shane's wife, THE JESS, is back by popular demand and will be the regular co-host on REAL. This show is about married life, career, and family and how to balance them for your sanity and for the benefit of all those around you.

REAL stands for:




  • LOVE

The REAL show opens with 5 Minutes of Life, where Shane and Jess take exactly 5 minutes (they actually use a timer) to share what challenges they are currently facing in life and how they are dealing with them.

Then the Ramer's go over each of the words represented by REAL and why they chose them. They also explain how respect, encouragement, acceptance, and love relate to addiction recovery from the perspective of the spouse of a person suffering from addiction, or as the person who is the one struggling with addiction themselves.

Sober Guy Radio has been providing listeners with free "no bullshit" recovery content for 2 years. Shane wants not only to continue, but expand on building the Sober Guy community so that it can be available to help more people. That is why he needs your help!

Do you like what you hear every week? Has Sober Guy Radio personally helped you or a family member?


With as small as a $5 month pledge through the Patreon platform, listeners can become a Patron of Sober Guy Radio. All patrons will get access to the bi-weekly ad free New Series "REAL" with The Jess, and also be eligible for other rewards for larger pledges. A few patrons already pledged this week. Thanks to all patrons and future patrons for the support! 


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