TSGP Ep83 - Why I Quit Drinking | Larry Hagner | The Good Dad Project

Larry Hagner is a husband and father of 4 boys, and is also the founder of The Good Dad Project, a strong community of Fathers who all share a set of values. Larry is the Author of The Dads Edge, a best-selling book directed at helping Dads and Husbands be at the top of their game. Larry also hosts the Good Dad Project Podcast with Co-Host Shawn Stevenson.

He has developed a reputation as an honest man who wants to share his experience with others and give back. This is not to say there have not been challenges along the way. In this episode, Larry talks about growing up in an alcoholic family, and how alcohol played a role leading into his adult life. He talks about how drinking started to become routine at times.

The question was finally raised; how can I quit drinking? Larry shares with us his recent decision to stop drinking, and not only the physical changes that have taken place since his decision to quit, but also the mental changes. We also raise the question; how do I know if I have a drinking problem?