TSGP Ep68 - Jesus Is My Homeboy

This episode was one of the most difficult for me to do. I fought it.  My spiritual battle and resistance to completely surrender to my higher power has been weighing heavy on me for some time. That Sober Guy Podcast is based on recovery, and it always will be. However in order to stay true to myself, my audience, and my recovery, I feel like I must acknowledge my Higher Power Jesus Christ, and fully commit to a spiritual relationship with him. I feel fear to release this episode. Fear that I will be judged, and fear that I will be misunderstood. This does not sit well with me, and makes me uncomfortable. It is only when I realized that fear, and being uncomfortable is a sign of growth, and God signaling to me that I am traveling down the right path. My hope is to inspire you to follow your heart, no matter what others may think or say. When you feel fear, or feel uncomfortable, remember this; you are right where you are supposed to be.