TSGP Ep80 - Pastor Dave Patterson | Celebrate Recovery

Pastor Dave Patterson is the lead and founding Pastor at The Fathers House in Vacaville CA. Pastor Dave struggled with addiction and depression for many years before making a commitment to live a life with Christ. In doing so, Pastor Dave has gone on to help people all over the world find peace through God. In addition to the Vacaville Campus, The Fathers House has campuses in Napa CA and the East Bay, and contributes many programs and resources to their respected communities. Celebrate Recovery is one of those programs. CR is a faith based12 step program for anyone struggling with life issues including substance abuse, addiction, anger, depression, anxiety, and more. Pastor Dave is married, has 2 daughters, 2 grand kids and a third on the way. He is also a musician with a passion for rock n roll, loves to ride his Harley, and enjoys playing golf. Jess and I would like to personally thank Pastor Dave and his wife Pastor Donna and family, the Church, the Worship Team, and all of our friends and family within the church that have supported us on this new journey pursuing a life with Christ. We greatly appreciate your love and support.