Is President Trumps Sobriety the Real Issue?

WARNING: What you are about to read may shock you. It may also reveal an unbelievable reality and lead you down a new path in pursuit of the truth. Once you start this journey, there is no way to return to your former way of thinking. Proceed with CAUTION. 

I am very proud to live in a country where we are all free to speak our minds and peacefully protest in opposition to those we do not agree with. Many men and women have sacrificed their lives for this right. I also believe in equality and a moral value in every human being no matter what race, religion, or sex one might be.

But we all must understand something that is intentionally being withheld from us, and it has been for decades. Both Eisenhower and Kennedy warned us of the Military Industrial Complex. 

What does that mean?

America, and many other country's, are being controlled by a group of extremely powerful banks and corporations. Their end goal is to take us into a one world government, take our freedoms and liberties and shape them into a new age form of slavery. But not the form of slavery you might think of. This is a form of slavery very cleverly disguised as the illusion of freedom. It is not. There is nothing free about it.

Did you know that the Federal Reserve is a private entity?

The Federal Reserve is not controlled by our own government. It is not a part of our Legislative or Executive branch of government. It is controlled by a group of private banks. Funny how they name it the "Federal Reserve" to confuse us. Don't believe me? Look it up for yourself. In fact I would urge anyone reading this article to look up everything I lay out here and see what you might find.

How do you control a country? 

You control it economically. This starts to make sense when you understand how and why we are trillions of dollars in debt. The dollar is the global currency, and it is backed by...nothing. It's a total fiat (fake) currency. When Nixon took us off the gold standard August 15th, 1971 it gave them the freedom to basically print money out of thin air. That changed the trajectory of the world and has since brought us to the situation we face today.

These massive banks, the Fed, and large corporations are essentially running one of the biggest ponzie schemes ever known to mankind. What do you think would happen if we all found out about their fraud? What do you think all the people would do if they realized these Banksters, Wall Street and crooked politicians who are supposed to answer to us the people, had actually played a huge part in hundreds of thousands of Americans losing their homes and entire savings back in the crash of 2008? Most of us know someone who experienced this, or sadly enough you may have experienced it personally. 

What about the banks that were to big to fail? 

They were bailed out. Who bailed them out? Who else, we the people did! So as hundreds of thousands of Americans were losing their life savings and homes, their tax dollars were also simultaneously bailing out the banks who started or contributed to the scheme in the first place? Yes. 

The bubble today is even bigger now then it was in 2008. Many will tell you it's not. But you and I are not supposed to know the real truth. We are supposed to listen to the "experts" and go about our business.These "experts" are bought and paid for by the banks to feed us the bullshit and fix the numbers to project what they want us to believe. 

Our mainstream media outlets are no different than communist China or North Korea, who feed the people propaganda to shape and engineer social and economic policy. If you watch mainstream television, there is a good chance many of your views have been shaped and programmed without you even knowing it. I know mine were for many years. The only way to break the programming is to dig for real information and find the truth out for yourself. Another reason we need to keep the internet free, but that's another story in itself.

How do they stop us from uniting to put a stop to their madness and massive fraud?

They divide us. They divide us by race, religion, sex, political views, socially, economically...the list goes on. They also try to destroy the family, and make God and Jesus Christ look silly, unimportant, and like you are weird if you worship the Lord. This is why you see our country sick like a cancer, full of division and disillusion, disconnected from reality. This is a well designed plan that has been in effect for decades.

"If your enemy is stronger divide him." -Sun Tzu

My people, Americans, immigrants who are striving to become Americans, black, white, brown, gay, straight, Muslim, Christian, police, even the politicians who believe in the constitution and liberty, we the people collectively are the enemy of the state. They have set us up to fight against each other to divide us. Family's are being torn apart by this. It is a sad thing. It is also all part of the plan.

Many of those who have been in power before and especially preceding president Ronald Reagan work directly for this private empire of power...the Military Industrial Complex. Their interest is not in us the people. Their only interest is in personal gain and the bigger picture of global conquest.

President Trump knows of all of this, but cannot come out and say all of this shit directly to us. But if you read between the lines he has made many attempts to lead us to ask more questions. This is a huge part as to why he was elected. People feel it, something is not right. I do not believe in all of his policies/views, so let me be clear on that. I do however respect and honor the seat of our leader, as should we all.

We the people can start conversation about what is really going on in our country by educating ourselves. 

President Trump is far from perfect, but the powers that be want to continue to divide our country and they want you and I to believe that President Trump is the main orchestrator of this. I assure you he is not. Is he perfect? Like I said, no. But I put my reputation on the line by speaking out on this because I know I am 100% correct from years of studying it. President Trump is not the problem my people. It is much bigger than one man.

Side Note: That Sober Guy is a platform with a foundation built on living a life free from alcohol and drugs. It should be talked about more that President Donald J. Trump will be the first president in 24 years who is sober, and has claimed to have never used illegal drugs, smoked a cigarette, or drank alcohol. This is largely attributed to his first hand experience with the disease when he lost his brother Fred Jr. to alcoholism in 1981. He has also encouraged his children to follow the same path, and is an advocate for living a life of sobriety.

So why is this not discussed more within the recovery community? 

Like many other valid points and facts that prove him to be somewhat of a decent human being, this does not fit into the narrative that has been established from the majority who sit on the side of opposition.

I'm sure there are those who will read this, pick it apart and try and discredit me. They are the disinformers. They are great examples of the problem. They may claim something like progressiveness and free speech…until you disagree with their views. Instead of having an educated conversation about what the real problem might be and how we can come together and fix it, they call people racist, sexist, and protest on a false orchestrated narrative based on emotions rather than real facts. This is nothing more than a sad style of fascism, the very thing these disinformers pretend to be against. 

What is equally sad is that many of the people with huge hearts and a valid passion for their cause, are caught between the truth and the disinformers. They really do want equality and humanity to be treated with the respect it so desperately deserves. But when their minds have been heavily influenced by propaganda, and they are unable or unwilling to differentiate truth from fiction, common sense from foolishness, they become trapped somewhere between perception and reality. 

Although parts of this article are my opinion, much of what I present today is based on facts. This is just a small fraction of the information out there that we can all start learning about to better unite us all as a people.

This is not about political party's, or opinions, or intense end fighting based on pure emotion. This is about true freedom of speech to tell the truth. It's about coming together collectively to unite as one. We have a new President and new team to lead us in the next 4 years, but we have to better educate ourselves and stop being influenced by propaganda.

We have to open up our minds and look at the reality of our situation today through a clear lens. We have to be able to admit to ourselves that we may have been wrong about some things. This goes for myself as well. I do not know everything, but I have a deep desire for truth, and I’m willing to lay pride and ego aside to find it. I’m willing to admit that I have been wrong before. I’m willing to admit I am not perfect. Are you?

If you want to read a quick book on some of what I touched on in this post, “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” by Gary Allen is a great place to start. Also, "Tragedy and Hope" by Carrol Quigley Is a bit of a tough read, but lays out and explains the plan for divide, conquer, and global conquest. See links below. 

My hope for this article is to unite our people and start an open conversation about the truth of what is really going on today. We are facing an extremely dangerous time ahead if we do not take an honest look at ourselves as individuals and start to communicate like adults, having conversations based on common sense and facts rather than mindless emotion. I urge you the reader, play your part, do your research, come to your own conclusion, and discuss this with your family and friends.

Peace love and respect my people.

-Shane Ramer