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Last month Shane and Seth did a Live show at Journey coffee in Vacaville, CA . Their topic ? COMMUNITY ! What it means, why its important and how to find it. Thank you to those who were in the area and able to make it. Its been so fun to discover what people want at these live shows and the turn out is always great ! For those of you that were not in the area and unable to make it out we dont want you feeling left out so we are sending you a little summary of what the guys talked about. Here it is, we hope it encourages and inspires you.

TSG Community LIVE at  Journey Coffee

TSG Community LIVE at Journey Coffee

How many know that community is the major ingredient to a healthy recovery and life ?

Living life without community is a difficult way to live. We all have seasons of life that we are walking through, whether you are walking through a season of grief , parenthood, success, hurt, new beginnings, we all have some kind of “something” going on in our lives. In a difficult season it is so important to have people surrounding you for support and encouragement. In the season of success or blessing it is equally important to have people around who will celebrate with you and cheer you on. Surrounding yourself with like minded people who can relate to what you are experiencing is KEY to coming out on the other end stronger than when you started.

Lets face it, life is not easy. We will experience different emotions, struggles and lessons along the way. When we're confronted with those “unexpecteds” or those seasons of life , what is better than having someone along side you that has, or is, experiencing the same thing? You feel heard, you feel validated, you feel NORMAL, you feel like you just might make it through.

Here's the best part, community is not just for walking you through those hard times. Community is an everyday dose. It's impossible to live a healthy, growing life without it.


Reach out, do it afraid, ask for help, TALK TO PEOPLE, be honest, tell your story, have faith that when you step out and let someone know what season of life you are in, you will NOT be left out in the cold, Take a chance, try it. Nothing to loose, everything to gain. TODAY IS THE DAY !! Find a local church, go to a meeting, join a group, take a class, ask someone to coffee. The possibilities are endless when it comes to where and how to form community. The main ingredient is YOU stepping out and making it happen. Always remember, YOU have a story too! Someone needs to hear YOUR story and how you got through your season or they may just need to walk beside you through it. We don’t walk through these difficult times or seasons of life for nothing. We are wired to share our experience and be open in hopes to help others.

Peace, Love , Respect ;

Team TSG