TSG Ep284 - He Got All God On Us


How often have you taken a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come, or taken a look at who helped you get to where you are today? What role does God play in your life and your recovery? In this episode Shane takes a look at what can happen when we try to do recovery and life on our own. Recently celebrating 6 years sober, Shane explains how this became a turning point for letting go of doubt and trusting in faith. 

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TSG Ep283 - Smartphone Addiction; Why I Traded My Smartphone for a Flip Phone

Are you addicted to your phone? What you might find out will shock you!

Smartphones, social media and technology have become a staple in our current society. But what do we do when we start feeling disconnected from reality because of our smartphone addiction? In order to find out, I recently upgraded to a flip phone, and I can tell you this; Iv'e never felt more free.

In this episode I throw out some stats on smartphone addiction, some tips as to how to tell if you or a loved one may be addicted to your phone, as well as a quote by one of the founders of Facebook Sean Parker where he explains how social media and devices exploit the vulnerability of our human essence.

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Epiginetics expert David Krantz joins That Sober Guy Podcast for episode 272 as we discuss marijuana, CBD, the endocannabinoid system, nutrition, and how all of these factors and more play roles in addiction, sobriety and recovery.


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